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Offering more rides and multi-person slides than any other water park in Orlando, Wet ‘n Wild is packed with thrills fit for the whole family. Guests can experience rides like Aqua Drag Racer™—the tallest and fastest four-lane tube-racing ride in Florida, Blastaway Beach™­—Florida’s biggest family water play area, and The Surge—a multi-person tube ride with 600 feet of banked turns.


  • Aqua Drag Racer is the tallest and fastest tube racing ride in Florida.
  • Blastaway Beach is Florida's biggest family water play area.
  • 6 group rides like the Brain Wash.
  • 5 super thrills like Bomb Bay.
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Good To Know

  • Length of Stay pass allows unlimited visits for 14 consecutive days from the first day of use.
  • Towels, lockers and tubes can be rented.
  • Food and beverage is allowed within the park.
  • Fun for the whole family.
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from Wet 'n Wild Orlando
Thrills are for sharing! Only Wet ‘n Wild® Orlando gives you more thrill rides and more multi-person slides than any other waterpark around. So Share the Rush, at Wet ‘n Wild.

Take your place at the starting line that is 65-feet high and prepare for a turbo-charged adrenaline rush the whole family can share on the Aqua Drag Racer™! It's the tallest and fastest ride of its kind in Florida. Get ready for a full throttle plunge at screaming speeds while powering through enclosed braided, twisting tunnels at fifteen feet per second. It is full throttle acceleration with no brakes allowed!

There is something for everyone at Blastaway Beach™ - the largest family water play area in Florida! This family-friendly sandcastle-themed area is over 60 feet high with 15 slides and over 160 water cannons, jets, soakers and waterfalls.

Don’t miss your last chance to feel the fun and Share the Rush prior to Wet ‘n Wild’s permanent closure on December 31, 2016. Weather permitting, operating calendar subject to change without notice.
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Wet 'n Wild Orlando in Orlando, Florida
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TripAdvisor Reviews
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"Lots of queuing "
TripAdvisor user rating 3 out of 5
Reviewed July 23, 2016 NEW

You really need to get here for opening or you're wasting your time. Our first visit was great, they were using the new system that gives you a return time to ride so you don't have to queue in the sun. The second visit they were not using the system so you have to queue at the bottom of the stairs. It gets really hot and when you get on the stairs they have split them in half for express pass holders, basically they cause queues then let you jump them if you pay them even more money. On one ride a women jumped into the express pass to get to the top them pushed my son out of the way to get to the top. I raised this issue with the lifeguard (Wildline) but she said it's ok to join your family without queuing. When I pointed out the rules below to her that forbids this she said "I didn't see it so it's not my problem". If someone if on their own at the top of a tall ride they need to be responsible as moving other people's children out of the way could easily get out of hand. Apart from the rude staff member we had a good day and left by lunchtime when the queues made it much less enjoyable.

TripAdvisor user image
simon e

Derby, United Kingdom

"ok place to go"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed July 23, 2016 NEW

we were told that this is the last year that this will located here as it is moving to universal studios.

TripAdvisor user image

"Do not get photo packages"
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed July 23, 2016 NEW

Paid for package ,,,,, no photos they were short staffed. Since I did it on line no refund!!! No pictures wasted 10.00 Just warning public. Do not get duped.

TripAdvisor user image

Edegem, Belgium

"Okay but seen better (and cheaper) "
TripAdvisor user rating 3 out of 5
Reviewed July 22, 2016 NEW

Summary: we definately had fun but its too overpriced for what you get. First off, the waiting lines were very long! For some reason, those that hadnt bought an online ticket (meaning still had to buy one at the register) could get in right away. There were 4 registers only doing the buy at the counter tickets. Our friends however, had a voucher and stood waiting in the sun for an hour before being able to enter... You kinda get punished for buying online! The parking costs money (15$), the lockers cost money (13$ for one you can put a backpack (1) in), and the food is obviously expensive. Also: you can NOT take your own food inside, which I just find a distasteful attempt to shake more money out of you. So our simple sandwhiches got tossed. BS. The park was a lot smaller than we anticipated. It was very clean and well kept, which I find quite important. There were def a few good rides; black hole, disco, and brainwasher. The lines were not too long, approx 20min. We did go on a weekday. Nearly all the rides were open and functional. At one moment during the day, a storm approached and all the rides closed down. This was understandable, but when the sky cleared I thought it took them unreasonable long to open up again. It is however, as I stated above, a lot of money for what you get. My suggestion would be: take the ticket after 5pm (half price). The park stays open till 9pm. 4h is more than enough time to do everything, especially because after 5 we saw a big drop in amount of people. Almost no lines anymore. If I could plan this again Id certainly do this.

TripAdvisor user image
Rob D

London, United Kingdom

"Still pretty good - despite age"
TripAdvisor user rating 3 out of 5
Reviewed July 22, 2016 NEW

We enjoyed Wet n Wild in the main. Despite feeling a little dated, the rides/slides are still "thrilling" - and the facilities are pretty good - even if other, more modern waterparks have upped the ante with better landscaping. The main issues for us were the long, unshaded queues to get into the park and the lack of "in-between" slides. Good attractions for smaller children, thrilling slides - but a bit too thrilling for my younger daughter. All-in-all, WnW is still great fun and represents good value.

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Wet 'n Wild Orlando is located at 6200 International Drive | Orlando, FL 32819
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Frequently Asked Questions about Wet 'n Wild Orlando

Does Wet 'n Wild supply life jackets?
Yes, coast guard approved life jackets can be obtained from the Rentals building at no charge or are available on the wave deck next to the Surf Lagoon wave pool. All children 48’’ and under are required to wear a US Coast Guard approved flotation device while swimming in the Surf Lagoon.

Can towels, lockers and tubes be rented?
Yes. Rates are:
Towel:  $4.00
Family Size Locker: $10.99
Regular Locker: $8.99
Mini Locker: $5.99
Towel & Regular Locker combo: $10.99

Prices are subject to change without notice.  All prices do not include 6.5% sales tax plus $3.00 refundable deposit.

Are floats, belly boards or tubes allowed in the Surf Lagoon wave pool?
No floats, belly boards or tubes are allowed in the Surf Lagoon wave pool.
Can I bring food or drinks into the park?
Yes, as always Wet ‘n Wild allows food and beverages to be brought into the park. However, alcoholic beverages, glass containers and grills are prohibited. Wet ‘n Wild reserves the right to limit size and quantity of “picnic baskets” and coolers.

Are tube rentals necessary to ride the rides?
No, you do not need to rent a tube in order to experience any of the rides. Tubes will be supplied at the rides that do require tubes.

Are children's floats (arm floats, inflatable tubes) allowed?
Yes, with parental supervision and only in the Lazy River, Kids' Park, Blastaway BeachTM and Surf Lagoon wave pool.

Are beach balls, frisbees and volleyballs allowed in the park?

Are wheel chairs allowed in the park?

Is there a dress code for the park?
T-shirts: T-shirts are allowed to be worn in the park and on most of the rides. T-shirts are prohibited on single passenger thrill rides such as The Bomb Bay or Der Stuka. Cover-ups/Board shorts: Cover-ups and board shorts are allowed in the park and on most of the rides. Please note that cut-offs or items with metal fasteners, rivets, zippers and buckles are prohibited. Water shoes: Water shoes are allowed to be worn in the park and on most of the rides. Water shoes are prohibited on single passenger thrill rides such as The Bomb Bay or Der Stuka.

All apparel is subject to lifeguard approval.

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